hide specific wordpress sentence or text to Google robots

June 4, 2009

How to only hide a portion of text to Google, your navigation menu for example? Hiding a portion of text to Google is damn easy, but not everyone is aware of this method. Simply use the following html comments in your source files (or in WordPress editor, in html mode) to hide a specific sentence or text to Google robots. This text will be indexed by Google... <!--googleoff: all--> ...but not that one! <!--googleon: all> These tags tells Google that the text embeded within them should not be indexed. Of course,... [Read the full story]

Create Google-Style Page Navigation for wordpress

March 26, 2009

It can be very tedious to navigate through a category on a WordPress blog. Your navigation options tend to be limited to “Next Page”/”Previous Page”. Not the most efficient method in the world… When you do a search on Google, you can skip to page 3, 4, 5 or anything else. And once you do, you can always click back to page 1. It makes flicking through a large number of results much, much easier. So, why don’t we recreate that in WordPress by ourself? This bit is easy. Just copy and paste the following... [Read the full story]

Prevent wordpress admin to be tracked by Google analytics

November 22, 2008

How can we’ll be able to prevent the blog admin from being tracked as a normal visitor by Google Analytics or any other tracking code. We need the current_user_can() WordPress function. This function checks the given parameter, which is the level of the current user, and returns true if the level of the current user is superior or equals to the given parameter. The following code will track any visitor or blog contributor exept the admin, if he’s logged in, of course. <?php if (!current_user_can('level_10')){ ?> INSERT... [Read the full story]

Prevent Google From Indexing Your Images

May 6, 2008

For most of us, traffic is the driving force behind our blogs and motivation to blog. Therefore, it may seem silly to think that you would want to prevent a lot of potential traffic from Google’s image search. However, some bloggers like to post personal pictures, or custom make their pictures and don’t want others to take them when possible. If you fit into this category, you can easily prevent Google from indexing your pictures by placing the following code into your blog’s header file above the < /head > tag: <meta... [Read the full story]

Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google

May 6, 2008

We all know that duplicate content can be a problem. People copy your work, re-post it on their website, then you both are penalized for duplicate content! Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done about that, but did you know that often blogs have duplicate content within their own blog? The biggest culprit for duplicate internal content is your archives page, which is usually used for categories and monthly archives. Unless you only display partial posts in your archives, you’ll want to make sure Google doesn’t... [Read the full story]