Display how many times a wordpress post has been saved to Delicious

December 1, 2008

Are your blog posts popular? A good way to know it and take advantage of it is to display your Delicious.com save count. Sure, they provide a badge which allows you and your readers to know how many time your post was saved. In my opinion, the badge is ugly. Let’s display our save count in plain text. To get your Delicious save count in plain text, simply open the single.php file from your theme and paste the following code where you’d like the count to be displayed. Delicous.com saves: <span id='del'>0</span> <script... [Read the full story]

Create a Save to Delicious button for wordpress

November 14, 2008

Social bookmarking sites can bring you a huge traffic, but being featured on popular sites as such as Delicious.com isn’t easy. To achieve this goal, paste the following code within the loop, on your single.php file. <a href="http://del.icio.us/post?url=<?php the_permalink();?>">Save this link to Delicious</a>  Read More →

Add Del.icio.us Daily Blog Posting To Your WordPress

May 6, 2008

Have you ever noticed that many blogs put up a daily post that is simply a bunch of links to other websites? This is actually done automatically, and if you have ever wondered how to set that up, you’ve come to the right place. That feature is called Del.icio.us Daily Blog Posting, and this post will explain how to accomplish this if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog. First thing you need is to sign up for an account with the popular social bookmarking service Del.icio.us. The account is free and allows you to store... [Read the full story]