SSL Certificates

June 22, 2008 · Print This Article

An SSL Certificate is a good way to look professional online and ensure your customers that your website is safe to do business on. It isn’t always enough to be professional – appearance can be even as important in winning a client. And with the growth of internet technology, this doesn’t just apply to business attire, but to a business’ website, as well.

An SSL Certificate lets someone viewing your web page know that it has been looked upon a safe site by a trusted third party. You’ve probably noticed the SSL Certificate icon on several web pages without even knowing what it was. When you see the padlock icon or the “http” prefix at the far left of a web page’s URL address, you are viewing an SSL Certificate, an indication that the web page you are on is considered a safe place on the internet for someone to enter information without being taken advantage of. And with more and more companies creating websites for potential customers to learn more about their business, an SSL Certificate is becoming more and more of a necessity if you want your web page to be trusted.

Don’t take the risk of losing potential customers. If you want to get your foot in on the internet as a new branch of business, make sure to do it right. Purchasing an SSL Certificate will help give your web page the professional appearance it needs to get people to trust you and use you.

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