Web online generators and tools

June 25, 2008

Below is the complete list of online generators and tools with brief description that particularly for web designers and developers, if you want more details information, just check out the related posts. Rounded Corner Generators 1. Roundedcornr – rounded corners online generator. 2. Spiffy Corners – simple way to generate the CSS and HTML you need to create anti-aliased corners without using images or Javascript. 3. Sitepoint Spanky – an experimental technique for using only CSS to produce ’round-cornered... [Read the full story]

Moving WordPress to Another Server

June 24, 2008

The flexibility of WordPress shines, making this not overly difficult to accomplish.  If you aren’t changing your domain name, all you need to do is update your wp-config.php file and upload all of your files to their new server. If you are changing your domain name with your move, here is the information you’ll need: Backup your WordPress database. Download the complete WordPress install to your hard drive and identify the folder as your OLD installation. Login into your old blogs dashboard and update the Settings... [Read the full story]

Moving WordPress Within Your Website

June 23, 2008

There are times when you may wish to move your WordPress installation from one place on your server to another.   This often happens when there is a change in the URL of your WordPress install, such as with blog redesigns, moving to a directory, etc. WordPress is actually very flexible, so it isn’t extremely difficult to do.  Here is the information you will need: If moving to a new directory, create your new directory. If moving to your root directory, make sure your root directory is ready for the new files (including... [Read the full story]

SSL Certificates

June 22, 2008

An SSL Certificate is a good way to look professional online and ensure your customers that your website is safe to do business on. It isn’t always enough to be professional – appearance can be even as important in winning a client. And with the growth of internet technology, this doesn’t just apply to business attire, but to a business’ website, as well. An SSL Certificate lets someone viewing your web page know that it has been looked upon a safe site by a trusted third party. You’ve probably noticed the... [Read the full story]

Reseller Hosting

June 22, 2008

Reseller hosting is gaining popularity all over as a solid money-making opportunity with an increase in the number of people opting for this interesting business. Reseller hosting means purchasing a plan or a dedicated server for the purpose of establishing your own company. When you purchase this hosting plan, then you can distribute web hosting services to your customers. And a variety of business of all sizes, small through large, are actively taking part in this business opportunity from educational institutions offering... [Read the full story]